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+ Boomerang!

Among all services offered, one of the most popular packages is our JOY Booth, which comes with four different print sizes! Yes, you heard it right your guest will be spoiled for choices as to which template they want, or they can have all four different printouts!

What is more? JOY Booth is equipped with boomerang and GIF (digital) functions, too. You can choose standard printed photos, boomerang videos or even GIF, and choose whether you want to share immediately.

What's in the package

  • Duration: 2 Hours

  • Services: Photobooth + Boomerang + Gif.

  • Prints: Unlimited, 4 sizes (4R, flimstrip, cardsize and polaroid

  • staff: 2 pax

  • props: *100

  • Backdrop: Yes (Including premium series)

  • Overlay: Customised

  • Photo-sleeves: yes

  • Soft-copies: return on the same day

  • Digital Gif.: *Yes

  • Boomerang: yes


Add-on & logistics

  • Space: 3x3 meter

  • Height: 1.8 meter

  • Tables and Chairs: 2 each

  • Power: 1 x 13amp

  • setup: reach approx. 1 hour earlier

  • Additional Hour: $75/30min

  • customised props: $120 (Fit 1 x A1 board)

  • Customized backdrop: $188 (3x2m) / pc

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