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Approved by MTI Singapore

worried about not being able to have a photobooth at your event due to the current covid-19 safety measures requirement?

we have the approval from both MTI and Enterprise-SG with this new initiative replacing traditional photobooth!


how it works?

guest can simply scan our QR code onsite and start sending photos taken to us and we'll print it out immediately!

What's in the package

  • Duration: 2 Hours

  • Services: whatsapp instantprint

  • Prints: Unlimited (4R, cardsize or polaroid)

  • staff: 1-2 pax

  • Overlay: Customised

  • Photo-sleeves: yes

  • Soft-copies: return on the same day

  • WIFI: Yes

  • QR Code: 200 pcs to share around

  • Deliciated number: yes

  • *Printing of photos will be stopped at the end of the booked timing. Existing queues will be erased.


Add-on & logistics

  • Space: 3x3 meter

  • Height: 1.8 meter

  • Tables and Chairs: 2 each

  • Power: 1 x 13amp

  • setup: reach approx. 1 hour earlier

  • Additional Hour: $75/30min

  • customised props: $120 (Fit 1 x A1 board)

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